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The sport of big wave surfing has exploded in popularity thanks to surfing’s inclusion in the Tokyo Olympics and the recent documentary series 100 Foot Wave and Life of Kai.

But where are the women?
Representation matters. It’s no secret that women athletes are paid a lot less than men and some, like big wave surfers, are formally and informally, not welcome to participate. The imbalance in pay and participation persists not only for athletes -- female coaches, administrators, and sports executives comprise only a small percentage of the whole. Media coverage of women’s athletics is paltry, often minimizes our powerful capacities and accomplishments, or depicts us as sexual objects.  
What is the message you want to send young girls and boys?
This isn’t just a story about the right to dream big and compete on the world stage, but about friendship, resilience, and the power of coming together to create change. With four months of editing completed, your generous funding will support our award-winning editor to finish a rough cut by September 2022– in time to submit it to the Sundance Film Festival.
If you believe in the power of documentary film to change hearts and minds, join our mission.


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